Applicants should thoroughly review all of the information provided before submitting an application packet.


  1. Download and Complete the CACRS certification registration Form
  2. CACRS will NOT be able to consider candidates who are unable to provide the requested supporting documentation regarding their experience in clinical research.
  3. The submitted application should be fully and legibly completed. Incomplete or illegible applications will not be accepted.
  4. Applications and corroborating documentation must be completed in the English language.
  5. Payment must accompany your application packet in order to be reviewed.
  6. Before submitting your documentation please make your payment.  We offer a special discount for CACRS members. To take advantage of this discount please send us an e-mail to: requesting a coupon code to use during the checkout process.
  7. After you make your payment you will receive confirmation via e-mail.
  8.  Please submit your application by email. Combine your complete application packet into a single PDF attachment (including your completed application, payment receipt and supporting documentation) and email to:
  9. After reviewing and approving your documentation you will receive an e-mail with a link to the exam.