Canadian Association of Clinical Research Specialists (CACRS) is a Canadian not-for-profit Corporation established in Canada in 2011 with Corporation Number 7796021.
Association’s mission is to globally promote and advocate integrity and standards of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) among professionals and organizations involved in the practice of Clinical Research.


The Purpose of the Canadian Association of Clinical Research Specialists (CACRS): 
  • To grant membership rights and benefits to individuals and organizations.
  • To grant certification and designation through training and evaluation processes for individuals and professionals in the field of Clinical Research.
  • To advocate on behalf of its members and to develop programs to promote the Clinical Research practice and compliance.
  • To promote the Clinical Research practice via conferences, events, training programs and publications.
  • To grant accreditation for organizations engaged in clinical trials and clinical research project management and those who are providing training and education in the field of clinical research.
  • To develop benefits programs for members and to contract third party providers of benefits such as insurance, publications, education, events, placement, and promotional activities.
  • To develop recognition and awards programs for its members.
  • To share permitted clinical research and studies’ information among members and affiliated organizations in order to promote best practices and coordinate joint projects and programs.