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Certified Clinical Research Specialist (CCRS)

Certified Clinical Research Specialist (CCRS)

Clinical Research Specialist Certification (CCRS)

[CACRS Members: C$360,
Non-members: C$530]

Clinical Research Specialist Certification (CCRS), is the only post-academic professional credential for professionals in the healthcare product sector. It is intended for individuals well trained and/or employed in clinical research industry, consultancies and other settings involved with the development, monitoring and management of pharmaceutical drugs, biologics and medical devices. The CCRS is a professional credential that denotes commitment to excellence, pursuit of knowledge and career advancement. Success on the CCRS examinations requires knowledge of the appropriate GCP-ICH regulations and the ability to think critically about the regulatory issues and challenges that occur throughout the healthcare product life cycle.

Value of the CCRS Certification

The Certified Clinical Research Specialist CCRS demonstrates to employers, clients and colleagues that a clinical research specialist has the essential knowledge, monitoring skills, critical thinking abilities and commitment to advancing professional knowledge and abilities. As the demand for competent clinical research specialists increases globally, CCRS certification-credentialed professionals are well positioned to be effective team members and contributors in every work setting. Recognition of the CCRS certification continues to grow around the world and CCRS- credentialed professionals earn higher salaries than those who do not hold the credential.

About Certification

The primary purpose of any professional certification program is to provide an independent assessment of the knowledge, skills and/or competencies required for competent performance of a professional role. This assessment is typically accomplished by the successful completion of an examination.

Defining Features of Quality Certification and Assessment-Based Certificate Programs. (2010) The Institute for Credentialing Excellence.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the CCRS examination you need to meet one of the following educational and professional experience requirement combinations:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher, 2500 minimum working hours and detailed resume/CV highlighting job description.
  • Associate’s Degree or LPN, LVN, 3500 minimum working hours and detailed resume/CV
  • Lab Technician, Medical Assistant, 5000 minimum working hours and detailed Resume/CV

*If an applicant submits an application using a clinical research degree program or a clinical research certificate/diploma program a 2000 hours may be waived from working experience. A certificate of completion must also be submitted including name of school/training program provider, program title and date attended.

Nondiscrimination Policy

The CCRS certification program does not discriminate among candidates on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or marital status.

Guide contains information about:

• CRS examination eligibility requirements
• Guidelines for submitting an examination application
• Preparing for the examination
• How to schedule your examination and what to expect at the testing portal
• What to expect after the examination

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