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The Canadian Association of Clinical Research Specialists (CACRS) offers new and very unique certifications for a broad range of clinical research professionals helping them to differentiate their areas of expertise as the name of the designation implies.Each CACRS certification demonstrates to employers, clients and colleagues’ essential knowledge, critical thinking abilities and a commitment to continuing professional development. CACRS certifications are designed for candidates working in the clinical research domain.

CACRS designations and professional development training also encourage and motivate life science graduates to pursue such a promising and booming career.

There are five different certification exams, where candidates can earn designation as Certified Clinical Research Specialist (CCRS), Certified Oncology Clinical Research Specialist (OCCRS), Certified Clinical Research Nurse (CCRN), Certified Clinical Research Physician Assistant (CCRPA) or Certified Research Pharmacist (CRRPh).

Application Deadline Testing Window Deadline Register Online Register by email/Mail
21 January 2022 (11:59 EST) 22 February–31 March 2022 Apply Today Download
7 April 2022 (11:59 EST) 7 May–30 June 2022 Apply Today Download
21 July 2022 (11:59 EST) 21 October- 30 November 2022 Apply Today Download
7 October 2022(11:59 EST) 7 November – 23 December 2022 Apply Today Download

Select the icons below to download the 2022 CACRS Candidate Guide.

CACRS Members: $360 (Canadian Fund)

Non-members: $530 (Canadian Fund)


Apply or Recertify

Check your eligibility and apply to take the exam. Already a CACRS certification Holder? After passing any of CACRS certification exams, you must maintain your credential through continued education and professional development activities every two years.

CACRS Certifications Benefits

When your goal is to get your CV/resume to the top of a recruiter’s pile, having the CACRS certification is your advantage in getting recognized for an advanced job in clinical research domain. With CACRS certification, you can do more for your employer and earn more along the way. In addition, a Certified Clinical Research Nurse (CCRN), Certified Research Physician Assistant (CRPA) and Certified Research Pharmacist (CRPh) is more prestigious and is no longer nurses, physician assistants and pharmacists are necessarily categorized under the title and salary range of clinical research coordinators. Moving forward they have their own rank and also eligible to work as Principle Investigators and/or Sub-investigators.

Exam Preparation

Prepare yourself for CACRS Certification Exams with this simulation test.

CACRS Certification or Training Certificate Completion

You may want to pursue or take your clinical research career to the next level; we can guide and help you with the right direction. Make sure you understand the difference between earning a professional certification/designation offered by CACRS and taking a certificate of course completion that offered by CACRS as well.

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